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These video filters (LUTs) help you add incredible romantic tones and detailed, consistent looks to your videos.


These video filters (LUTs) are made to help you add incredible romantic tones and detailed, consistent looks to your videos. The Europa Wedding LUTs Pack consists of rustic, warm colour palettes to enhance your films whilst maintaining natural skin tones. These LUTs were individually inspired by the cities of the most beautiful continent on planet earth, Europe. The LUTs can make a plethora of scenes POP – Forests, mountains, cityscape, grasslands, tungsten & natural lit venues.  As soon as you purchase they will be available to enhance your videos! I personally use these in all of my films as a destination wedding videographer. See them used on footage in the video (at the bottom of this page)


  • 12 video wedding LUTs
  • Romantic & natural
  • Maintain natural skin tones
  • 11 colour, 1 B&W
  • Free installation help & support

This pack includes 12 different video presets for video (luts) to achieve different cinematic and elegant looks, with any Rec 709 profile, such as Canon, Nikon, Sony’s Cine4 or Panasonic profiles. This pack doesn’t include any log features, so it may need tweaking when using with any log profile.

These work with all popular editing software, including Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Sony Vegas, After effects. As long as the software supports luts, they will work.

The 12 luts included here are:

Berlin – Soft, neutral, desaturated colours and beautifully even skin tone.

Ljubljana – Adjusted contrast, brings out a slight film/vintage look.

Malaga – Low contrast look, perfect for cityscapes.

Paris – A touch of clarity, luxury editorial look.

Positano – Soft, low contrast look, perfect for skin tones.

Prague – Dreamlike look, enhances greens, perfect for skin tones.

Rovinj – Timeless black & white lut which oozes elegance.

Santorini  – Deeper blues and more saturation, just like the island itself.

Venice – Warm nature of this lut brings life to footage from both sunny and overcast days.

Vienna – Brings out the subject whilst maintaining a rich, balanced skin tone.

York  – Higher contrast, beautiful neutral colours, and poppy subjects.

Zurich – Balanced for your moodier footage with it’s lower contrast and desaturated and darker greens.